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Healthy for Life Program Overview

When I first began trying to reverse insulin resistance in my patients, I tried to teach them healthy lifestyles in a classroom setting. I personally felt that if these people understood the principles and the scientific concepts involving insulin resistance they would automatically make these effective lifestyle changes. Well, to my chagrin most of the patients really did not do very well and therefore, the improvements in their health were not that great. Most of my patients were very sincere in their attempts to make these healthy lifestyle changes but met with all sorts of distractions and misconceptions and would quickly revert back to their old lifestyles.

About 8 years ago I decided to change my approach and simply counsel my patients individually in my office. This was a team effort between my two nurse practitioners and myself. We held our patients accountable by having them document everything they ate during the week, their exercise, and their consumption of the nutritionals. We then would see them back in my office each and every week for the first month and then every other week thereafter.  This was an amazing eye-opener for me and my entire staff. When we made the patients become accountable and they realized that they had to write down everything they had been eating during the week, did we see some major improvements! My staff was also able to further educate my patients by simply pointing out to my patients where they were making mistakes and still spiking their blood sugars. Through this interaction my patients not only were learning these new concepts about healthy living but were now more effectively applying them to their own lives. The results were simply amazing! I have literally been able to see my patient’s health improve before my eyes.  Individuals who are trying to make changes in their lifestyles want to know exactly what they need to do to improve their health.  The more they would learn in the lay media and books, the more confused they would become.  The Healthy for Life Program is cutting-edge and based entirely on medical research.  This is why so many people have chosen to become involved with the Healthy for Life Program I have developed.  Not only do they trust the information they are receiving but when they personally make these lifestyle changes they are having such tremendous results.

I have now developed this new web page www.doctorraystrand.com, which I feel offers everyone a greater chance of success. This is literally my personal medical office online.  The internet offers us a unique tool which will be even more effective in evaluating, documenting, encouraging, and holding individuals accountable than my approach in my medical office. Individuals anywhere in the world who truly desire to develop these healthier lifestyles that have a side-effect of permanent weight loss can now have lifetime success. This approach can be done in the privacy of their own home and where they receive professional guidance and support from my entire staff.

I want to explain how I am able, through this site, to help anyone around the world achieve these health benefits. Even though these lifestyle changes are simple and easy, we are all creatures of habits—some good and some bad. In order to effectively have victory over some of these poor lifestyles, you need to be motivated, encouraged, and held accountable. Over time, these new lifestyles become natural and eventually just a way of life. Out with the old habits and in with the new healthier habits. You will actually enjoy the freedom of not being addicted to fast food and all the high-glycemic and processed carbohydrates. You will enjoy the way you feel and your new energy level along with a sense of well-being. You will also not be discouraged when you begin to shed excess pounds of fat and realize that you are not even trying to lose weight.  You will not weigh your food or count calories.  If you become naturally hungry, you simply eat another low-glycemic meal or snack.  That's correct, you will not go hungry on the Healthy for Life Program.

The Evaluation
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Once you have signed up for the "Coached" Healthy for LifeProgram, you will immediately need to fill out the Health Assessment Questionnaire. This will give Dr. Strand and his staff important information about your family medical history, your past history, your present medical problems, present medications and allergies. Dr. Strand also will need to learn about your personal lifestyle habits, which will include your activity level and exercise program alone with your intake of nutritional supplements. There will also be some basic physical measurements along with a comprehensive blood profile (optional) that will be obtained. Once all this information has been gathered, Dr. Strand and his medical staff will carefully review all this information and send you a personal Health Risk Assessment. This information will be kept in the strictest confidential manner and used only by Dr. Strand’s medical staff to better help and direct you to healthier lifestyles, which will generally result in improved health. The new HIPPA regulations, which protect your medical information, will be strictly followed. You will receive your evaluations, which should be kept for your personal file and may also be shared with your physician.

If you signed up for the "Self-Directed" Program, you are encouraged to take the automated Health Risk Assessment.  You are also encouraged to record your physical measurements and bloodwork (optional) in your Health Parameters section.

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If you live in the continental US, you have the option of ordering blood work through this web page from the convenience of your home. You will be directed to a LabCorp blood drawing station in your area, whenever possible. LabCorp is one of the top reference labs in the United States. If you live in an area where a blood draw station is not available, you will receive a blood draw kit in the mail and then you will need to make arrangements with your local physician or local lab to have the blood drawn.  Your blood will then be shipped overnight to Labcorp (there will be a small additional fee for this service). The shipping will be arranged with UPS or Airborne Express. If a LabCorp blood drawing station is not available in your area you will also be responsible for the blood drawing fee (usually $5 to $10).

You will also need to obtain some basic physical measurements that are needed for your overall assessments. This will include a height, weight, waist measurement, and blood pressure. Specific instructions will be provided so that you can obtain these measurements very easily and accurately.

At the end of your 12-week "Coached" program, there will be follow-up blood work (optional) and physical measurements. This allows Dr. Strand’s staff and you to share in the effectiveness of this program. You will also receive a follow-up Health Assessment documenting improvement not only in your weight but also your blood chemistry profile, blood pressure, and specific health issues. Remember, this program is truly about health and being able to document specific health improvements is essential. This report again should be kept for your personal files and again may be shared with your personal physician.

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Dr. Strand will send you detailed instructions each week via email to inform you and instruct you about the scientific evidence that supports your new recommended lifestyle changes. You will also be able to download these trainings directly from Dr. Strand’s web page. These trainings can also be seen and heard through the "flashpoint" presentations, which are part of the web site.  These weekly trainings will guide you into simple but specific lifestyle changes, which will not only improve your health but also has a side effect of fat loss. You will learn the importance of combining a Healthy Diet that does not spike your blood sugar, a Modest Exercise Program, and Cellular Nutrition.

You will also receive a daily motivational and educational email direct from Dr. Strand. These messages will be filled with practical advice along with encouragement. They will also help motivate you to make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to achieve your goal of better health and a leaner body.

Accountability and Motivation
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Dr. Strand and his staff have developed this sophisticated web site primarily focusing on training, motivating, challenging, and holding you accountable in your commitment to develop healthy lifestyles that have a side effect of fat loss. If you choose the coached program you will be assigned a Personal Healthy Lifestyle Coach that will help you every step of the way. You will record every meal, your daily exercise activity, and your consumption of the recommended cellular nutrition on your Personal Lifestyle Journal provided on this web site. It will take you less than two minutes a day to record this information, which will be reviewed by your Personal Healthy Lifestyle Coach each week. Your personal coach will be able to identify the most important areas that you need to address during the following week. If you choose the self directed program, your Personal Lifestyle Journal will be automatically graded, which will guide you in where you need to improve the most.

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