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Title: Chronic ear infections

Case Study:
My son has suffered from chronic otitis media since he was six months old. He averaged one ear infection every four to six weeks for two years. By the age of three, he was on antibiotics (Augmentin or Cefcil) almost every month. Nasal steroids (Nasonex) were added to reduce congestion.

Referral to an allergist/immunologist in August revealed that he had a weak immune system, i.e. extremely low levels of circulating IgA and IgG (all subclasses). We discussed the option of surgery (implantation of tubes) and decided that we would go ahead with that method of treatment when the next ear infection occurred.

As an alternative therapy, I started my son on the children’s nutritional supplements (1 a day) in August. He was three years old. He has been on these supplements for six months now and has not had a single ear infection during this time.

A repeat analysis of his blood in February revealed that the circulating levels of IgA and IgGs had doubled. His immune system was now in the normal range for his age. He has been off the antibiotics and nasal steroids for six months.

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