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Title: Cancer

Case Study:
Ardis is a 75 year-old-lady who came into my office very weak and pretty much on her deathbed. She had been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and she was so weak and so ill they could not offer her any treatment. Her oncologists only gave her three to four months to live.

The family wanted to get her on a nutritional program to at least try to improve the quality of whatever life the Lord would give her. We started an aggressive nutritional supplementation program and she did improve. She started to gain weight and strength.

In fact, she started to improve so much her oncologist and radiation therapist started to treat her. She had great improvement and her tumors began to shrink. They finally decided to surgically remove the breast and lymph nodes under her arm. The surgeon actually gave her very good report and told her she is doing so well she may live for several more years.

It has been just nine months since she first saw me. She has gained about 15 pounds, her color is great, and her strength is back to normal. She continues to improve.

Ray Strand, MD

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