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Title: Congestive Heart Failure

Case Study:
Wayne is a high school friend who ran track with me in both high school and college. He was in excellent health until he suffered a severe viral infection. He was not aware of any problem until about three months later.

He came into my office complaining about shortness of breath and the feeling that his heart was going to jump out of his chest. His heart was beating like a washing machine. I had to admit him to the hospital, and we noted that his heart was significantly enlarged. An echocardiogram revealed that he had an ejection fraction of 17%---normal is 50 to 70%. The cardiologist did a heart catheterization and also did a muscle biopsy. He had a cardiomyopathy secondary to a viral myocarditis.

There was nothing we could do except to get him on the heart transplant list. When the ejection fraction is less than 30% in a young patient, this is about the only option. With medication we were able to improve his ejection fraction to 23%. However, he still had an irregular heartbeat and his heart was full of blood clots.

I started him on a nutritional supplement program that was very high in Coenzyme Q10. About four months later he came into my office feeling that he should be applying for permanent disability. His heart rhythm had returned to normal and all the clots were gone.

I started to question him about his activity level. He told me that he was riding his bicycle about five miles a day and he was running a couple of miles on occasion. I said, “We need to get another echocardiogram and see how you are doing before I make any decision on your disability.” His echocardiogram showed that his ejection fraction had increased to 51%, which is back to normal. I told his cardiologist these results and he really did not believe me. He actually called the patient back to his office so he could to an echocardiogram on his machine. I received the results a few weeks later and his ejection fraction on his machine was 58%.

Needless to say, the next time I saw the cardiologist he wanted to know more about CoQ10. I was more than happy to supply him with six or seven clinical trials that showed the amazing improvements some patients receive when they add CoQ10 to their drugs.

Ray Strand, MD

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