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Title: Diabetes

Case Study:
Dave was a schoolteacher, age 58, a long-term patient of mine who came into the office for a routine physical and had no specific symptoms or health complaints. As part of the physical we found he had an elevated fasting blood sugar of 145 (any blood sugar over 125 is consider to be diagnostic of diabetes).

When I challenged (tested) him with a “sugar load” (a meal or drink high in sugar content) and checked his blood sugar two hours later, his level had climbed to 235. This indicated Dave was unable to properly handle sugar, since he had definitely become diabetic.

The next test showed that his hemoglobin A1C was 8.5 (3.5 to 5.7 is the normal range). The results left no doubt that Dave had Type 2 diabetes.

I explained treatment options including prescription medications to Dave, but he wanted to try making lifestyle changes to see if he could get some control of the disease without the use of drugs.

Dave started an exercise regimen, changed to a low-glycemic diet (foods that release their sugars slowly) so that when he ate he would not spike his blood sugar, and began taking nutritional supplements. He checked his own blood sugar levels and they started to improve.

About seven months later I rechecked his fasting blood sugar and it had fallen to 84. I rechecked his hemoglobin A1C and it was 4.8, in a non-diabetic range.

To absolutely document his improvement, I once again challenged Dave with a sugar load and when rechecked two hours later, his blood sugar was 86. These numbers established that Dave wasn't diabetic anymore.

After a period of three years, Dave’s blood sugar and hemoglobin A1C have remained in the normal range and continue to hold steady.

To date I have documented fifteen patients who have reversed their diabetes. And I’m pleased to report that the overwhelming majority of diabetics can show significant improvement in the control of their disease—even if they do not reverse their diabetes.

Ray Strand, MD

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