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Title: Macular Degeneration

Case Study:
Faye is a very neat lady who is in her mid 70s. She had developed macular degeneration about 4 to 5 years earlier. It was now affecting her central vision and it was becoming very difficult for her to see.

Her doctor told her there was nothing to do except to watch her and document the deterioration of her eyesight. The eye doctor had put her on Ocuvite (a basic multivitamin with some extra zinc) and also a little extra lutein. However, her eyes had continued to degenerate.

I started her on an aggressive nutritional supplementation program that was high in grape seed extract. Within 4 weeks she noted her vision improving and within 3 months, when she went to church, she was again able to recognize people in the choir. Obviously she was thrilled. Her eye doctor has documented significant improvement in both eyes, which she has been able to maintain this past 2 years. I have had over 12 patients with macular degeneration who have had significant visual improvement and which was documented by their opthamologist.

Dr. Ray Strand

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