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Title: Multiple Sclerosis

Case Study:
A young woman I met a couple years ago related to me she had developed multiple sclerosis about ten years earlier. She had the slowly progressive form of multiple sclerosis and for six years, she slowly declined. About 3 years before I met her, she was involved in a double-blind clinical trial for multiple sclerosis using chemotherapy. She had some improvement for the first year; however, she went downhill from there. After her last chemotherapy she was essentially bedridden. She did not know whether she would even be able to walk again. It was at that point she began an aggressive nutritional supplement program.

She had been on this program for about three months when I had the privilege of meeting her. She was shaking like a leaf but was standing with the help of a cane. Six months later, I was fortunate to see her again---only this time she was able to walk normally and without the use of a cane. For the past year she has had her minor setbacks. However, when I saw her last month she was still able to walk without the use of any aids and was still holding her own. She will be the first to tell you that she still has her multiple sclerosis, but she is in control now.

Dr. Ray Strand

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