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Title: Arthritis

Case Study:
Two months ago I started on nutritional supplements that Dr. Strand recommends for health reasons. I have suffered severely with arthritis for over four years; my right knee was operated on three years ago and there was very little cartilage left. Last summer my left knee gave way to unbearable pain, and all I could think of was to have surgery on it as well.

This was not the route I wished to go, as deep down as I always wanted do deal with these problems by using natural means. I read everything that pertained to arthritis— anything recommended I bought and tried, but nothing worked.

I heard and read a lot about antioxidants and how useful they were, but no one said how much to take and what to take along with them. At this point I became desperate.
The pain was so intense I couldn’t stand it anymore. So I decided to try nutritional supplements. After all, I tried everything else so what did I have to lose?

After three weeks on the nutritionals, my pain subsided. The stiffness and swelling went away in both knees and my cane (which I’ve used all these years) was no longer needed to support me. I could walk on my own strength, and my strength keeps on improving as time goes on. After a few months, I can now do things I was not able to do for years. Nutritionals do work. I would not be without it!

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