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Title: Arthritis

Case Study:
I have a friend whom Iíve known all my life who suffers (and has suffered for 35 years) from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

About a year ago I introduced him to a nutritional supplementation program. Over the years I saw my friend ache in pain every day of his life. We used to sit and have coffee in the morning and he would tell us what the weather was going to be like in the next few days. The change in barometric pressure would affect him and he would have severe pain in his joints (hands, shoulder, hips, and legs).

He started on the nutritionals and within about 30 days he noticed the weather changes didnít bother him as much. After 60 days his aching had diminished to where he would go quite a few days without a flare up. The nutritional supplementation program has changed his life. He said to me one day ďIíve never spent a winter like this before, I just donít ache.Ē Nutritional supplements have changed my friendsí life and I feel so good having been instrumental with that.

Ray Strand, MD

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