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Title: osteoporosis

Case Study:
A 53-year-old female who had a dexa scan that showed osteopenia. This is not true osteoporosis but is early evidence of thinning of the bone. Most physicians want to start drugs like Fosomax. However, this lady wanted to try to treat her condition without drugs. I started her on the program I recommend on my web page. A year later, I repeated her dexa scan which showed that her bone density had actually increased by 7%. This placed her back in the normal range for her age.

I have had several cases similar to this one. The overwhelming majority of the patients have either remained stable or had similar increases in bone density. If a patient is willing to start an aggressive weight bearing exercise program, along with nutritional supplementation support, and perhaps, also some natural progesterone; I feel they can actually improve their bone density. I follow my patientsí bone densities very closely. If they become significantly worse, I can always start medication.

Dr. Ray Strand

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