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Title: Antioxidants, cancer and fibromyalgia

Case Study:
Following a lumpectomy, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Because I could not get into a cancer clinic until the end of August, I began reading about this disease. I began a strict regimen of antioxidant fruits and vegetables, and I removed meat, dairy, sugar and saturated fat from my diet. I also began to take the recommended nutritional supplements that Dr. Strand recommends.

About this time, I was also diagnosed with having abnormal cells developing in the endometrial layer of my uterus. Also, five years earlier, I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, which had become increasingly painful, and it was accompanied by chronic fatigue.

At the cancer clinic, I was told that my estrogen receptor positive breast cancer was confined to the ducts and I would need no further treatment. I remained on my diet, however, and after four months of my regimen, I realized my fibromyalgia symptoms were all but gone. A subsequent visit to a rheumatologist showed only three remaining tender points were still sensitive compared to 17 at first diagnosis. A diagnostic D and C revealed that all my endometrial cells were normal. Mammograms to date are clear.

It didn't take much for me to realize that my fibromyalgia was nothing more than a buildup of toxins. My husband's comment was "If you figured this out, why don't the doctors know what it is?” Only after I read Dr. Strand’s “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know" did I realize that I wasn't the only person in the world who had figured it out! I continue to eat only foods that I feel are safe, and I shall take nutritionals forever.

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