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Title: Heart Disease

Case Study:
I have a strong family history of heart diseases. I had a heart attack in November 1996 on the right coronary artery at the age of 44. Since then I suffer from angina on effort with a gap of 2 mm on my electrocardiogram. My other arteries were clean so I didnít require any by-pass at that time.

Even after a rigorous diet and exercise program, I needed a triple by-pass in May 2001. In June 2001, I began my exercise program again and I still was having this angina problem with that 2 mm gap on the electrocardiogram. In August 2001 my cardiologist prescribed Imdur 30 mg for this problem, but it had no effect on my December 2001 SESTAMIBI test and on my January 2001 effort test. I was still having angina confirmed by a gap on my electrocardiogram for my right coronary artery.

A good friend of mine referred me to your site. I began the nutritional supplementation program in the beginning of May 2002. After two months of taking the nutritional supplements, I still could feel the angina on effort test, but it was no longer confirmed on the electrocardiogram. In beginning of August 2002 the angina began to be less painful and the pain is since then still lowering. My blood pressure went down from 110/70 to 90/56 at rest. I find it low, but my cardiologist prefers it this way to protect my arterial by-passes.

Iím an engineer and I have to see evidences and a scientific approach. I sure would not have written to you if I was not convinced that my atherosclerosis healing could reasonably be attributed to the nutritional supplementation program you recommend.

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