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Title: Allergies/Asthma and Usana

Case Study:
Dear Dr. Strand,

Last spring was the worst allergy season that we can remember in the southeast, and like many people we were practically incapacitated due to allergies. I was very sick for two full weeks, taking my children's Benedryl which wiped me out. My 3-year-old was also developing allergies and to my dismay, was developing asthma as well. Luckily, about three weeks before, we had heard a health presentation about the benefits of nutritional supplementation. I began the program and my allergies were completely gone within a very short period! My son's allergies have also disappeared. No more asthma! When I would run out of nutritionals, my allergies came back each time, and it reminded me that it WAS the supplements and just how well they work synergistically!

A mom from Georgia

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