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Title: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Case Study:
My husband was diagnosed by his GP (who has a special interest in CFS) with CFS during 1992. He had been experiencing symptoms of extreme fatigue, muscle pain, a feeling of elevated 'core' body heat, confused thinking, poor memory retention, drowning dreams, no exercise tolerance, excessive rest/sleep requirements, loss of libido, socially withdrawn and lack of motivation for a couple of years. He had had previous viral illnesses such as infectious mononucleosis, and chicken pox. His doctor started him on a series of IM injections of Folic Acid and B Complex vitamins. Initially he experienced a slight alleviation of the symptoms - for approximately three or four months. He was also given a short course of antidepressants which he ended up ceasing himself due to work demands. They seemed to give him some relief from the depressive symptoms of the disease.

In 1998 a friend sent my husband a set of the high-quality nutritional supplements which she had been telling him about. She also sent a set for me (which I refused to take). My husband began taking them (he took mine as well) and noticed an improvement in his general health and well-being after about six weeks. He went from needing ten to twelve hours of sleep per night - although that never seemed to be enough - to sleeping for about seven hours per night, getting up very early in the morning and going for long walks, and then progressing to running.

He has now taken the supplements religiously since 1998, and has never looked back. He has had a couple of chest infections during that time, usually after burning the candle at both ends for long periods of time due to the demands of his nursing career, but his recovery has been swift.

Of course since his (we feel) miraculous recovery from this debilitating disease, we sing the praises about nutritional supplementation which has given me and my children my husband and their father back, and my husband back his life. We are eternally grateful. Of course this is a very brief description of the events and diagnosis and progression of the disease.

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