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Title: Grass Allergy

Case Study:
Dr. Strand,

I am a 52 year-old male who has suffered from "summer colds" my whole life. As I prepared to finish my 25-year active duty military career, and suffering from a particularly bad "spring cold". The doctor told me I was suffering from allergies! He prescribed Allegra, then Claritin, then steroid nasal sprays, Nasalcrom and nothing worked. I went to the allergy clinic and was poked 72 times in the back. I am allergic to almost every grass on the planet! Some of the pin sticks reacted more than the pure histamine control stick! I was told that these grass allergies were also the cause of the cracked and bleeding skin I chronically suffered on both ankles.

I was preparing to begin the series of allergy shots when I began taking high-quality nutritional supplements in August. Within three weeks all my allergy symptoms were gone, and I was off all medication. My ankles even healed! This continued until the spring, when I missed my grape seed extract for 5 days. My allergy symptoms came back, almost as bad as before. When I resumed taking the extract, my symptoms began to reduce and in three weeks were gone. I have to make sure I never run out again!

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